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We were all very honored to have known Chief Andy. Andy will be greatly missed we will miss his visits to the Buffet. He was always very happy and kind and his smile stuck with you. My condolences to the De los Angeles family. R.I.P Chief Andy – Courtney Trim

Andy was in and out my life since I was in grade school. I would watch as my mom would scold him and my dad about staying out too late and having too much fun. I enjoyed his visits at our house as he and my dad (Bob LaFontaine) would one up each other in their storytelling. His example as a tribal leader will stay with me and continue to inspire our family. I will miss his visits and his laughter and ability to enjoy every moment. I am most grateful how often he visited Bob when he was ill and I know Creator has brought these friends back together. We will miss you Andy. – Lynnette Jordan

It is a blessing to have heard your wisdom and love so many times. You will be greatly missed. Soar with the Eagles, until we meet again. – BJ Walker

I met Chief Andy in 2008 after the casino had just opened. He was a frequent visitor in the Café and the Falls buffet. Andy was kind, humble, and sincere. He made everyone he met feel special. As a casino employee, that meant the world to me. I still have his business card from the day I met him. Andy would always go out of his way to come say hi to me. I will miss Andy’s smile and laughter. Rest in peace Chief Andy. – Rhoda Kairis

I did not know Andy through his wonderful work for the people of the state of Washington. He was a personal friend. I met Andy through my brother Bob LaFontaine and saw him only a few times before he had his strokes. So, I did not know the man who led his tribe to recognition. I knew the man who strived to be useful and as fully functioning as possible in his interactions with people every single day. In spite of his physical challenges and difficulty communicating he never failed to get his point across no matter how long it took. Some points were more important than others. It was many years ago and our family does not all agree when Andy came in to our lives. I believe that it was at my sister-in-law’s big birthday bash after I had presented her with a gift having to do with Leonard Peltier. I gave a speech. Maybe he was impressed with my speech. All I know is my sister said there’s a man coming straight to you and he is your boyfriend. I laughed it off but in seconds Andy asked me to dance. We danced one dance and then he left the party. After that Andy would show up at my Mom’s house with Bob to watch football or work in the yard. This went on for a good 15 years or so. We would watch movies and cry. He was with us the weekend after my father died as we made plans and did the tasks you do on those days. Andy cried with us then too. My brother Bob passed away in Feb. 2014. Andy did not come to our family functions for a while. One day in the fall of 2015 my 94-year-old mother said we never hear from Andy; somebody better call and check on him. So, I did. He invited me to lunch and so I drove up to the Snoqualmie Reservation and we went to lunch. Andy gave me the tour of his beloved falls and some kind of magic happened. Our friendship grew over the phone, more visits and soon we were the best of friends. He was easy to laugh with and we usually had a good time just doing every day things. He told me some stories of fishing, being crazy with my brother Bob, Turk Marsham, and also Ron Hilbert. He spoke of old friends like Ramona Bennett. But he didn’t really tell me that much of his old days as he was too busy living his life in the present. Making his breakfast in the morning, going grocery shopping, watching his grandkids, and visiting with his children. Medical appointments and hospital visits were also a big part of his life. Sometimes he would get angry at having to go to all the appointments when there were a million other things he would rather be doing. But soon time spent with Andy became lesser and lesser as my family’s needs and physical distance started taking over my time. We continued to occasionally visit by phone or text right up until a few days before he left this world. He told me he was dying and that the three amigos Bobla, Turk and Andy would soon ride again. Thank you, Andy for the fun times, meaningful conversations and the chance to love somebody like you. – Virginia LaFontaine

On behalf of myself and the Suquamish Tribe I would like to extend my and our sympathy to the family and the Snoqualmie Tribe on the passing of their great leader. Andy was a great friend of mine and the Indian people. He taught me a lot about life and Indian spirituality. He was a warrior for sacred places, especially Snoqualmie Falls. – With Great Respect, Leonard Forsman, Chairman, Suquamish Tribe and ATNI President

My condolences to Andy’s children and rest of the family. The Andy I knew, was a very kind & caring man. Andy, I thank you for everything you did for myself and my girls many years ago. You were always so thoughtful & warm hearted. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the pep talks & pushing me to “not give up” or give in. I felt so blessed to have lunch with you all those times when I worked at the Behavioral Health, listening to all the stories you shared about your life and how you changed the Native Community in the Seattle area. Thank you for sharing pictures of your family & asking me to help you or take you places you needed to go. It gave me the opportunity to get to know you even more. The community, Tribe, and your family will miss you. The history you shared will always be a memory for us to share with our children for generations to come. Huy’ch qa Chief Andy! I raise my hands to you! Rest in Paradise my friend! – Vickie Barrón

My deepest condolences for the De Los Angeles family and the Snoqualmie Tribe. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. May peace find you all during this difficult time. – Mary Lou Patterson

Andy and I worked for UIATF back in the day in different dept. We were like a butterflies in each other’s life, fluttering in and out , he was like the older brother who protected me, who helped me in so many ways. His kindness and laughter, what a crazy guy, his stories. Our little trips to get my fruit which I canned and gave him. Our visit just hanging out. The naming ceremony when he brought Sebeqwa and my daughter said she looks like her dad. I loved him my friend, my brother will always be in my heart. – Heather Conway

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends and the Snoqualmie Tribe for your loss. Truly a great loss for our community. – The Tolt Historical Society Board, Maida Ingalls, Diana Collins, Arlene Davidson, Larry Pesce, Roger Thorson, Jim Jordan, Emma Reilly

I just read the bio about Chief Andy. I wish I’d have met him.. he made such amazing contributions to our region! If not for him there would be Condo’s built all above and around the Sacred Snoqualime Falls! Rest In Peace Chief and peace be with your Family. – Jolee Johnson

Chief Andy was an educator and historian, he helped us understand the stories and people who lived before us. We were honored to have met him. our condolences to his family and friends. – In respect, Gary Mahn and Mary Ellen Stone

Chief Andy will forever live in our hearts. He so graciously led our group in harvesting cedar bark in traditional Snoqualmie territories, where he shared the proper protocols. His teachings helped us to lay a strong foundation and pass this important knowledge to the next generation. Our hands go up to the Chief, his family, and to the Snoqualmie people in deep gratitude. Condolences for your loss, and may his spirit live on in all of us. – Susan Balbas, E.D., Na’ah Illahee Fund

Dear Relatives, I first want to share my dearest and most heartfelt condolences for the loss of Chief Andy. He was and remains so very loved. Over the last several years he and I were on many adventures and most of them never left the Snoqualmie Territory! And quite the adventures they were none the less.. he left us all too soon.. To me, he was a giant of a man who worked tirelessly for his people, who he loved fiercely… stay strong and happy relatives, he’d want it that way. – With Much Love & Respect, Čəlalákəm (FightingWoman), Snohomish Tribe

Sending our sincere condolences for Chief Andy’s family, friends and the Snoqualmie Tribe for your loss. Thoughts and prayers are being forwarded. – Grand Ronde Tribal Council

I don’t remember how I met Andy. Andy was there in our midst for me as a young person. Andy worked closely with Cecile Hansen, Chair of the Duwamish, and my mother working on Federal Recognition issues. Back in those days, we all loved his hair, that beautiful mullet! But its his smile, and his warm hugs and generous spirit that I remember most. Its very hard to know that we no longer will have him in our camp here on this earth, but we know he is going to keep fighting hard in the camp our creator has prepared for us. We can only imagine the great welcoming our ancestors and relatives are giving our beloved there. He is still with us, just a change of worlds! – Jolene Haas

Andy had such a loving heart and endless spirit. From the moment I met him, as a customer at The Black Dog Arts Cafe, I knew he was a genuinely loving and caring person. But he also contained a great fire of fight and righteousness within him. I am honored that I had many chances to serve Andy at the cafe and will chant my appreciation for him in my Buddhist practice. May his travels will be vast and beautiful, may his love and spirit bless the universe! – Cristie Coffing

My condolences to Chief Andy’s family and friends for the loss of a warm, kind, and happy soul. I wish that I had been able to spend more time talking with him and I feel lucky to have met him. – Demarus Tevuk

I met Chief Andy my first week working for the Tribe. He is one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met and I’m grateful to have known him. My sincere condolences go out to the family and Tribe. Sending thoughts and prayers to all. – Daniel Hanson

My deepest condolences for the family. Andy was a delightful person with a smile that won’t leave his face, he lightens up the clinic every time he comes to visit. Today I learned about his passing and every one was sad in the clinic. He will be missed Rest in peace Andy – Samer Hafi

On behalf of all of the staff and board at Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center, I want to send our condolences on the loss of Chief Andy. We were honored to welcome Chief Andy to the Oxbow Nursery in for a tribal blessing- his warmth and sense of humor were contagious. What a tremendous loss will be felt by our community. – Lisa Jaguzny, Executive Director, Oxbow 

Our deepest condolences to the Snoqualmie Tribe and the De Los Angeles Family.
Andy was very admired and will be missed by many.
To the Tribe and the De Los Angeles family, you are in our prayers. – Austra and Phillip Green

The Della Family sends our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Andy de los Angeles family. – Mark Della

On behalf of myself and my family, we send our deepest condolences. I knew of Chief Andy from occasional community meetings, but sadly, did not get to know him personally. It is a great loss to everyone when an inspirational leader leaves this life. Fortunately, Chief Andy’s legacy, voice, and passion for justice and community lives on in the hearts and minds of those blessed to have been in his presence. And while his body is no longer here, his inspirational spirit fights on. – Brenden Elwood

I met Andy through my sister, they were very good friends. He drove us to pow wows several times he was an awesome man. He was outstanding and stood up for his people. He was funny and kind. I will miss him. My prayers go to his family and friends all his relations. May you find Peace and may Andy Rest in Peace. His job was finished here on earth and he is dancing in heaven until we see him again. – Carlene Casimir-Jefferson Taalx-‘Ut

My dearest cousin for 68+ years has left us… His Life was for helping, caring and sharing his stories, knowledge and experiences. His love was for the Snoqualmie people. He traveled thru out Native Country working on issues with many Tribes. Andy’s fishing & hunting trips, archeology sites, jolly journeys around PNW in his Green VW Bug. Andy too the time for getting down to seriousness with the politics, grants, restoration, healthcare, sacred sites, Tribal Council and Snoqualmie Tribe’s 1999 Recognition. It has been an honor, proudest, happiest times having Andy be our Zackuse Family Snoqualmie Tribal Chief. Andy will always be a Chief! For all he has done for Snoqualmie people, Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie Casino and many more entities. Including local nearby Communities, PNW Tribes and areas. Andy “Rest in Peace” you deserve. I miss you and love my cousin. We will meet up again, my Chief Andy!  – Anita Christiansen, Snoqualmie Tribal Elder

My family and I send our deepest condolences to all the family and friends of Chief Andy de los Angeles. We are very saddened by the news of his recent passing. Good bye Andy. May your spirit soar on eagle’s wings. – Carol El Koury

I’ve ran into Andy many times at the Casino he would always stop and chat with me. I was always there for him if he needed any help carrying things. He always had a smile and many great stories. May he rest in peace. – Robin Reed

I met Chief Andy when I worked as an employee for the Snoqualmie Tribe and on every occasion when we saw each other he would generously take time to sit and visit with me and I would listen and try to learn all that he shared. I am forever honored and grateful for the trust and respect we shared. Chief Andy is an inspiration for me. – Steve Cox

I was lucky to work with Andy on the excavations of the stuwe’yuq site on the Tolt River. His sense of humor kept me on my toes. He taught me by example, how to keep the people at the forefront of the decisions being made about how to study, interpret, and preserve the archaeological information. I send my condolences to his family and the Snoqualmie people. – Paula Johnson

A great man has left this earth but will forever be in our hearts. Great memories will live on. My deepest sympathies to the family for your loss. – Wendy Shafford

My condolences to the De Los Angeles family and the Snoqualmie Tribe. I first remember meeting Andy one afternoon when I first started working at the Snoqualmie Valley Museum. I had just graduated but had no practical experience nor knowledge about museums or the area other than having grown up here. I didn’t realize it at the time as I was so young and naive, but he had heard I was new there and took the time to travel by bus to the Museum to make sure I had some background knowledge that he felt I would need to know going forward for me to help serve the community. Despite having just had a stroke and still recovering his speech, he took the time and effort educate me. I will forever be grateful. At the time, I just thought he was another visitor that I had had a wonderful interaction with because he was so unassuming with his interaction. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that it wasn’t just a random, nice conversation. Over the subsequent years I began to better understand who he was and what a privilege it was to learn from him. Chief De Los Angeles every time his name has been mentioned has been something positive he has contributed to make this world a better place across so many different areas. He will be truly missed. – Cristy Lake

Dear Andy was so kind and loving. The tears are running down my cheeks as I write this. May he rest in peace. – Love, Janice Smith

So sad to hear, Andy was a major leader. He went to my high school, Bothell, and I attended the ceremony to put him on the Wall of Honor a few years back. Hope family doing ok. His daughter, Ginger, as a leader of Snoqualmie Cultural programs had arranged for 100 of Ed Carriere, Suquamish Elder & Master Basketmaker, and my book, on ancient Snoqualmie basketry replication, to give out at their Elder’s gathering; Andy was one of our main hosts. We will all miss his eternally warm and royal leadership. – Dale Croes and Ed Carriere

My condolences to family. Friends and Snoqualmie Tribe. A big loss to many people from all over. It seems he made friends where ever he traveled. A genuine kind hearted soul who made friends where ever he traveled…take care. – Darlene Olsen

Some 48+ years, or so, ago I was part of Seattle Indian Youth Program. I served on the Youth Council with many good friends. Andy worked with NW Indian News. Those of us that wanted to learned about the ins & outs of the paper. Andy was there for us teaching us so many things about what it takes to get a paper out the. I enjoyed all of it, specially the work with developing photos, writing stories and oh so much more. I was glad to be counted as one of his friends all these years. Glad to get to know as much of his family as I could. We worked on things over the years from the movement to child welfare and any other goings on in the Native World. He come down to the Puyallup Rez to visit Ramona Bennett, Clyde Bill & Family, that’s where my Son, Beto, and I lived for many many years. He had loads of friends every where. He is already missed greatly and will be remembered always. I am specially sorry for his family & Nations loss. I think he’ll visit often everywhere. He loved gatherings, People & food. When you hear happy laughter at these gatherings I’m sure we’ll still hear is happy boisterous laugh among the People’s. I love & miss you Andy. Someone mentioned your old VW Bug. Trying to get to meetings with all the needed stuff. It was funny how such a small car could carry so much. I’ll look you up when I make my journey and we can all catch up. Oh the laughter there will be. HOYT. Love ya,  – Sue & Beto

I always loved when my parents went on the elder retreats.. i always knew Andy was on the shuttle and he would always send me goofy pics of him with my parents. It always made me so happy to see how happy they all were..i always enjoyed his trips to the casino buffet. Andy always made it a point to make sure he found me on the floor just to say hi and ask how my day was even though i always wanted to hear how he was doing and all of his new adventures. Andy you are truly missed by so many.. till we meet again I’m sending you big hugs like you always gave me. – Melissa Vincent

Chief Andy was a friend, coworker and mentor. We met working at Northwest Indian News on Second and Cherry in Seattle many years ago. I was a junior in college at the time. We had some great adventures reporting on Native news events and doing a radio show. He was always so encouraging and lighthearted. I can’t recall him ever being harsh. Years later I saw him at the Issaquah Salmon Festival hosting a booth for the tribe. It was like no time had passed between us. Chief Andy, I miss you already. Praying for comfort and strength for his family, for all who loved him, and the community. May he rest in peace and eternal light in the next world. – Elsie Dennis

I’m sorry I didn’t get to know him better. I had the opportunity to hear him when he spoke during the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe celebration of the Snoqualmie Rights Day and at the Black Dog when he invited me to come to one of the Snoqualmie Tribe Council meetings. I know a number of people who are very close to him. He brought the tribe from the brink of extinction and helped to preserve our beautiful Snoqualmie Falls and surrounding area. I am so grateful for his accomplishments, many generations of our children will benefit from his work. – Peggy Shepard

I had the great honor of working with Chief Andy and Jim Zackuse in the 1980’s when we wrote a Federal grant together. Through the many hours that we talked, I learned to see the world through entirely different eyes. May his memory be a blessing for his family and his tribe. – Terry Kalet

I did not have the privilege of knowing Snoqualmie Chief Andres Juan de los Angeles.
I offer my condolences and I am sorry for his loss to the community, tribe and his family.
I believe that his presence made our community a better place.
I know that his accomplishments in life will be remembered and cherished.
– Sincerely, Heather Koellen

I have been so blessed you have you as family and employer. You were always leading the pack of cousins. Leading with the Tribe. You left an impression on everyone you met as a strong fair minded man. I will never forget our time together, you kindness and your laugh. – Angela Young

My Deepest Condolences to the Tribe & Family
For this loss will be felt deeply…
My Heart & Prayers are with the entire Tribe…. – Crystal Barnes

I will miss you old friend. So many times you guided me so many times you guided all of us; thank you honorable chief for the diligence of encouragement kindness and most of all love. – Medora (Mary) Bomer

I’ve had the honor of working for Chief Andy, as an employee of the Snoqualmie Tribe, for 13 years. I loved hearing him share his knowledge of the Snoqualmie River and it’s Watershed. It was always so impressive. He taught and built up so many. His loss is heartbreaking. Love and condolences to the de los Angeles family and the entire Snoqualmie Tribe. – Cindy Spiry

I am sad and sorry to hear of Chief Andy’s passing. Snoqualmie United Methodist is praying with you through this time, and grateful for the richness of his legacy. – Lee Hartman

Remember when he had VW bug and we will tie the fishing poles to front bumper also I had a chance to work with him at Northwest Indian News – Patricio Ramirez

Chief Andy was such a kind and warm man. I always appreciated his smile and welcoming attitude. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. – Nate Smith

On behalf of all of us at the city, our deepest sympathies to all family and loved ones of Chief Andy. – Mayor Rob McFarland, City of North Bend

I am honored to have had the chance to know Andy. I have wonderful memories of his patience and caring, his sense of justice and fairness, and his sense of humor. I will miss hearing his stories and seeing his smile. Thank you for everything, Andy, you are loved and you will be greatly missed. My love and condolences to the family – Karri Loftus

Andy welcomed my husband & me at several Seahawk games, l was impressed how how open & friendly he was. Prayers for his family & our tribe, Andy will be missed. – Carol McGowan

When I was working in the Culture department Chief Andy and many others took us all out to show how to choose a cedar tree and shared with us how to strip the bark we spent the day with him and he explained how to strip and prepare the cedar the experience was wonderful it was an honor to be apart of doing this. And to be out there with Chief Andy just made it more wonderful. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers. May he rest in peace he will be greatly missed. And my condolences go out the family. – Stephen Wymer

Andy will be greatly missed, I have worked with Andy for many years in preservation projects, recognition, and many more projects . The greatest gift he left us all was his wisdom, god bless you Andy and your family. – Joseph Mullen

Oh I remember all the nights when we were gillnetting and all the hunting trips we took. So sorry for family and friends I will miss Andy – Dan Willoughby

Andy and I worked together in Indian Child Welfare. I have always had the greatest respect for him and admired his consistent kindness and acceptance of everyone. Sending comforting thoughts to his family and the Snoqualmie Tribal community. – Edie Loyer Nelson

It’s been a pleasure and honor having such an opportunity to sit beside Chief Andy and listen to the stories of hunting and fishing. My condolences to the family. – Wes Willoughby

I admired the man’s work as a leader and his commitment to his heritage. My condolences to his family at this terrible loss. May his memory be a blessing. – Margaret Escobar

Andy was my friend since I was around 16 or 17. He used to go out and get fish and fruit and vegetables donated and then bring to families who needed help. He was so kind and caring, he didn’t care if you were famous or not. He showed respect and kindness to me through all life. When he talked about the river and the falls, his strength of spirit and connections to his ancestors really shined. I will miss his smile. – Florence Kay Fiddler

I am incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Chief Andy De Los Angeles. I work on a farm in the Snoqualmie valley, along the mighty Snoqualmie River and we are ever humbled by the land as we strive to demonstrate reciprocity to Mother Earth. The Snoqualmie Tribe is a model and inspiration for us. While I did not know Chief Andy, I know that the loss of a great leader will be felt for decades. My thoughts are with you as you celebrate his life, and honor his legacy. – Warmly, Hallie Sykes

Chief was a great man and great neighbor. We will miss him deeply. If I needed advice or a shoulder to cry on. Or just a hug he was always there. I had a rock that I have had in my sewing basket for years. I showed it to chief because he knows his rocks. And the store he told me about that rock was amazing. I will tell anyone that wants to hear the story just let me know. RIP Chief. You will be missed by many people. – Connie Batton

So sorry for your loss. I met Chief Andy a few times and really loved the opportunity to hear some of the amazing things his life brought him and the incredible work he did for tribal sovereignty and young people in need. He was beautiful human who did so much good. – Auryel van Gemert

Telling stories with Andy and Bobby on school bus and chatting at school. We started chatting, text these last few years and a few phone calls after this lock down is over we were to have breakfast or lunch and catch up In person Looking forward to that meal someday – Dave Olsen

I’ve known Andy for over 55 years. When we were younger we worked on many Tribal projects together. The family has our condolences and prayers! – Sharon Frelinger

Andy was my friend. I first met him when the Snoqualmie Tribe and its leadership made frybread at the Monroe Fair. He was very goofy and like to make people laugh. He was also very personable and bigger than life but at the same time respectful and honoring especially of elders. Over the years as most know his health declined and he seemingly was a different person on the outside but inside he was the same old Andy if you really just looked and listened. Thank you Andy for being a friend to me, my Mom, Chairperson Cecile Hansen and of course, the Duwamish Tribe. We love you and we will miss your smile and your welcoming spirit. Rest in peace Andy until we meet again!  – Cindy Williams, Tribal Secretary, Duwamish Tribal Council, Duwamish Tribe of Seattle

To many memories for me to share, be at peace with yourself, you’re going to a better place. – Andra Flint

I am grateful to have known Chief Andy, and to have been able to claim him as a friend. He was one of the most authentic, genuine individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He set an example and a standard that inspires me to live up to the qualities he embodied; steadfastness, courage, kindness, generosity, humility, humor, and an ability to be forward looking and optimistic in spite of challenges that would stop many of us in our track, I am sad and grieving his passing because this world needs more people like him, and he will be missed. I am sorry for those closest to him for their loss. I am happy for him, because I feel that his soul is soaring and joyful. – Charlotte Fykerud

Andy was always a very good friend, to my husband and to me…… He treated us with kindness and respect….. right before the pandemic hit, one the last things my husband and I did was go out to lunch with Andy …. I just remember us laughing and joking…… And when we dropped him off at his house I made him laugh really hard by telling him I wanted that picture of him, in his hallway… I can still see him laughing and saying… no no you’re funny….. I will really miss Andy and I wish we got to go on that fishing trip we planned…… My husband and I would like to express our condolences to his family and his tribe…. Our hearts break with you – Lorraine Weeks

By your great government in favour of your citizens, be in God’s glory & spirit of ancestors will be with you. Muy sincere sensible condolences to you great culture. – Bertha Haydee Terrones Rodriguez

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of this gentle man, Chief Andy. He and his daughter would come into our store, Wild Hare Vintage and would browse and visit for long periods of time. He was kind and funny. We always enjoyed our time with The Chief. We will always think of him with respect and a smile. Blessings on his family and the Tribe as a whole. – Lya & Norman Brown

I’ll always remember Chief Andy for his patience, compassion and quiet leadership. He dedicated his life to advancing the betterment of natural first citizens. We’re all benefactors of Andy’s presence among us. – Rob Wotton

He will be missed, I remember our last conversation at the 25th Anniversary celebration. He was a true and natural leader for all of you and all of us. My heart goes out to everyone filled with love. – Bill Ramos